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Digital Printing Devices

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Digital printing is one of the most common and efficient methods of depositing color onto paper or another material. To most people, that’s known most commonly as “printing.” However, there’s far more to the process than meets the eye, and there are several different devices that fall under the digital banner.

  • Digital Printing DevicesThere are the following types of digital printing devices:

Inkjet Printer – This machine copies an image from a digital device & then prints it on plastic or paper. This they do by implanting countless tiny ink pellets onto the paper/plastic to create the image that you desire.
Laser Printer – This device uses laser technology to print an image sourced from a digital device. The laser movement within the printer creates static electricity that helps to print the image by releasing the toner.
Digital Press – This is what you get when you completely digitize the traditional printing press. This is viable only when there’s a huge order size that justifies this digitization, as the cost involved is substantial & the printers are also way more expensive.

Some additional types of digital printing include:

Dye sublimation
Dye sublimation is the process that allows you to print on fabric, plastic, and synthetic material. It relies on heat transfer to apply an image onto the intended substrate.

Solid Ink
Solid ink is a printing technology used in computer printers and multifunction devices. Printer cartridges are filled with solid ink sticks and loaded into a solid ink printer. When printing is taking place, the sticks are heated to melting point with the ink then being transferred onto paper to produce the print as desired.

Thermal wax
A printer that uses heat to transfer an impression onto paper.

Applications of digital printing include:

Business card printing
Office stationery
Envelope ringing
Letterhead printing
Corporate station