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TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2521AC Multifunctional System and Printer

Quick Overview

  • Function:Copy, Print, Scan
  • Resolution: Max 600 x 600 DPI
  • Paper Size: A3~A5 Custom Paper Size.
  • Color Output Speed: 25 Pages per Minute
  • Black & White Output Speed: 25 Pages per Minute
  • RAM: 4GB, Storage: SSD 128GB, Maximum 640GB +
  • Capacity: 250 Sheets Drawer. 100 Sheets Bypass. Max 2900 Sheets.
  • Preventive Maintenance: 84.000 pages Colour & Monochrome.
  • Scan to e-filing, USB, PC, SMB, FTP, Email, Twain, Files.
  • Mobile Printing, Network Printing, Cloud Printing.
  • Unique Function:Top Access, e-filing, Template.
  • Scan OCR: Standard.

Model: e-STUDIO2521AC
Brand: Toshiba

Toshiba e-Studio 2521AC Basic Multifunction Colour Copier Machines has copy / print and scan function, 20 ppm A4, 12 ppm A3. copy / print speed, 1200 x 1200 1bit DPI resolution, Standard Paper Capacity (Drawer: 250 pages + Bypass: 100 pages) = 350 Pages & Optional Maximum 2900 Sheets paper capacity, 115.000 Colour, 230.000 Monochrome. sheets monthly duty cycle, 4GB RAM, SSD 128GB, Scan to e-filing, USB, PC, SMB, FTP, Email, Twain, Files, Mobile Printing, Network Printing, Cloud Printing, Top Access, e-filing, Template & Standard Scan OCR.

  • New EBN2 Smart Platform - Touch Office Inspiration:

Toshiba's new e-Bridge Next2 smart platform, with a new core architecture, adding a variety of customized smart solutions, with more convenient mobile printing and scanning functions, carrying a mature hardware platform, providing high-quality printed quality, can Meet diverse and high-standard modern office needs, thereby creating higher customer value.

  • Strong core, calmly respond to the demand for massive file processing: 

The 25-page high-speed file output per minute (color/black and white at the same speed  can be achieved.
Standard 4GB memory, task processing is fast and efficient.
Start-up time 13.1 seconds*, black and white/color homepage output time 7.1/9.5 seconds, documentary output is preferable.
Standard 128GB SSD, which can be extended to 640GB+ storage.
Pre-install the double-sided device to avoid installation steps.
*Restore from sleep mode

  • Adapt to Diverse Paper:

Paper capacity: 350 pages (A4), up to 2900 pages after expansion (A4)
Paper size: carton A3-A5R, bypass A3+-100x148mm
Additional special carton module: 100× 162mm-240× 380mm
Paper thickness: carton 60-163gsm, bypass 60-256gsm
Automatic double-sided transmission: 35-157gsm (unilateral), 50-157gsm (double-sided)

  • Smart multi-touch screen:

The 10.1-inch screen, similar to the operation of a smartphone, has a simpler and faster interface operation. It can perform functions such as dragging, moving, zooming down, etc. to facilitate user operation and significantly improve office experience.

  • Enjoy the new experience of mobile office:

Support AirPrint, Mopria, and the official mobile printing application of Toshiba e-Bridge Print & Capture.

  • Double IP network:

By purchasing a wireless network card or the second wired network port (support frame, the dual IP network configuration can be opened to achieve separate internal and external network settings, and easy cross-network composite sharing.
Double IP network functions can be achieved: wired + wired, wired + wireless and other multi-scene applications.
*Second IP network (backup setting) part of the function is not available

  • The image quality is beautiful:

Using laser imaging technology, the 3600 ×1200dpi printing resolution is achieved, and the prints are more accurate.
The new toner in the wide area has stronger and more stable color performance, and the red seal copying/printing function meets the unique document output needs of China. Support ICC color management and color fine-tuning functions, and excel in color.

  • Strong work load capacity:

Support large-capacity paint, with a life span of up to 38,000 prints (5% coverage rate).
Support 1,000 pages of continuous copying and scanning operations.
It is recommended that the peak monthly printing volume be 67,200 prints.

  • Copying Application:

Support 999 consecutive copies to achieve a large number of document outputs and fully meet office copying needs.
It has rich copying functions such as peripheral elimination, neglect of blank pages, and document copying to meet the needs of multiple copying operations, thereby achieving a more efficient and convenient office experience.

  • Printing Application:

UPD Universal Printing Drive: Through Toshiba's Universal Printing Drive, you can operate the digital complex of all Toshiba EBN platforms to improve document printing efficiency.
Printing priority function: Choose this function. After the printing/copying operation being performed is completed, print the selected operation first.
Printing interruption function: Choosing this function will interrupt the ongoing printing/copying operation, giving priority to printing the selected operation.
Printing preview function: Preview U disk printing/private printing/calibration printing/waiting for printing documents on the operating panel.

  • Scanning Application:

High-speed color scanning: After using a double-sided scanning transmitter, the scanning speed is 73 pages/minutes.
Scanning Preview: By scanning the preview, you can browse each page of the scan and confirm the scanned image and its quality. You can also scan the preview interface, rotate, sequence, and delete pages.
Standard scanning and OCR (optical character recognition function: Toshiba complex can independently complete OCR processing of scanned files. At the same time, scanned documents can be directly stored as edible Word, EXCEL, PPT, PDF and other documents.
Magazine scanning function: Sort the scanned magazines in order, without further editing, you can directly convert paper magazines into electronic files.

  • Information Security Management:

Data Security Guardian: The new generation of EBN2 complex provides a full-scale process information protection such as job display, data storage, and data exchange:
Hidden homework and user name: The file will be displayed with a code* on the interface such as the operating panel to protect user privacy.
Stored media data protection: The device SSD or HDD is protected by a password to prevent direct reading by external equipment; the data in HDD also has a data removal function to ensure data security.
Unauthorized access is prohibited: IP/MAC address filtering, local verification and other functions prevent unauthorized access.
Image log function (Purchase): All models are equipped with no image log function. For users with retroactive management requirements for documents, the image log kit (GS-1009) can only be purchased when the user requests and authorizes in writing, and then this function can be activated.
Wi-Fi function: All model standard configurations do not have Wi-Fi function. Users need to purchase wireless LAN/Bluetooth modules to achieve Wi-Fi functions.

  • Binding Application:

Toshiba provides a variety of binding solutions: support angle nails, flat nails, and meet the post-processing needs of different paper documents.

  • Fax application:

Super G3 fax, can support two-line fax.

  • Remote network management equipment:

For the user environment using multiple devices, Toshiba provides remote management functions. IT managers can manage equipment in a comprehensive office environment across regions, sectors, and even cities.

Toshiba Print Management Plan-Easy Control Treasure
Multi-mechanism user management: Support third-party APP scanning logins such as account passwords, PIN codes, employee cards, microcredit/nail nails.
Flexible roam printing: As long as the user presses a printing, he can export his homework on any equipment of the company and realize roam printing.
Visualized cost management: Toshiba EBN digital composite can not only display various subtotal counters (A3/A4, department/individual, etc.), but also output multi-dimensional cost statements on a monthly basis. Users can clearly understand the use costs of various departments and even individuals.

  • Toshiba Cloud Service-Chihuilian:

For the remote management of Toshiba composite equipment, copying tables, call repairs, data aggregation and other cloud-based services based on the technology of the Internet, it is sustainable to provide high-quality services that are predictive and improve the efficiency and service experience of users' equipment control.

General Feature :
Model e-STUDIO2521AC
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Assembly China
Imaging Principle Indirect Electrostatic Imaging
Copy / Print Speed 25 ppm ( Color/ Monochrome)
Warm-up Time About 13.1 Seconds
Memory 4GB
Storage Standard 128GB SSD, Maximum 640GB+
Input Paper Capacity Standard: 350 sheets (250+100)(20 lb & 80 gsm); Maximum: 2,900 sheets (20 lb & 80 gsm, w/Optional LCF)
Duplexing Standard (Automatic Duplex Unit -ADU)
Other Optional Saddle Stitching Finisher, Inner Finisher, Job Separator
Copying Feature :
First Copy Time Black & White 7.1 seconds (A4) & Color 9.5 seconds (A4)
Copy Resolution Black & White Mode: 600dpi×600dpi; 2,400dpi×600dpi (smooth processing) Color mode: 600dpi×600dpi
Continuous Copying 1 ~ 999 Copies
Network Printing Feature :
Print Resolution 600dpi×600dpi,1,200dpi×1,200dpi(PS3 only),3,600dpi×1,200dpi(slat treatment only) (PS3)
Printed Language PCL simulation, PS3 simulation, XPS
Interface Standard: Ethernet(RJ45)10/100/1000BASE-T, USB2.0 high speed & Optional: Wireless Lan IEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth
Network Protocol Windows Printing(SMB), LPR/LPD, IPP(Ver.1.1)w/Authentication NetWare P-SERVER LPD w/iPrint, Apple Talk PAP or EtherTalk Port 9100(bi-directional), Bluetooth (HCRP/BIP/OPP/FTP) WS Print, FTP.
Operating System Windows Server 2012/R2/2016/2019/2022(64bit) Windows 8.1/10(32 bit/64 bit)/11(64bit) Mac OS 10.12 and beyond Solaris (SUN), HP-UX, AIX (IBM), Linux.
Windows Printing Drive UPD (PCL/PS), PS3 (simulation), V4 Printer
Scanning Feature :
Scanning Resolution 600/400/300/200/150/100dpi
Scanning Speed Fastest 73 pages/minutes (300dpi) ( if Used Docuemnt Feeder)
File Format JPEG (except black and white mode ), TIFF, PDF, high compression PDF (except black and white mode ), XPS, Word, Excel, PPT