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Welcome to HEIDI Card Printer Store in Bangladesh.

Greetings from HEIDI Card Printer Store in BME Bangladesh, The is a authorized Retailer Store of HEIDI in bangladesh. You can Buy here Products for Personal or Business use to  Modern Dual-Sided Card Printer  Price in Bangladesh.

Heidi is a new product line by BME introduced to assist public and private sector organizations in card issuance and credential management through various solutions. The Heidi line boasts advanced card-printing features covering the personalization and encoding of various card types in a cost-effective manner, thus leveraging BME's expertise in the security printing and document issuance fields. We will be happy to discuss about your projects solutions offered through the Heidi brand fit the operational requirements and standards of the enterprise, education, healthcare, insurance, leisure, transportation, hospitality and retail sectors, which benefit from the considerably advanced and versatile applications of the brand.  The modern dual-sided card printer Heidi CP55-D was built to effectively fulfill client requirements for a high-performance and easy-to-use card printer:

  • Heidi CP55-D Printer: The modern dual-sided card printer Heidi CP55-D was built to effectively fulfill client requirements for a high-performance and easy-to-use card printer. It was carefully designed by BME to deliver an outstanding printing quality at a competitively lower cost-per-card and to remarkably serve a wide range of card-issuance applications. It is perfect for low-to-medium production requirements.
  • Heidi CP55-S Printer: Top-of-the-line in its class, the single-sided CP55-S is a direct-to-card printer built to deliver outstanding results at a lower cost-per-card for a wide range of card-issuance applications.
  • CP55-K (Self-Service Printing Kiosk): Part of the Heidi product line, CP55-K is a high-capacity, high-speed and easy-service direct-to-card printer in a compact design suitable for various self-service kiosk applications. It is built to deliver innovative imaging and excellent printing quality at a competitive cost-per-card.
  • Monochrome Ribbon: Monochrome ribbons are of one single color primarily used for printing text and one color line on one or both sides of the card. Heidi’s Monochrome ribbons prints solid single color without shades or shadows. Monochrome ribbons are not recommended to print the photographs. But ideal for personalizing pre-printed cards with names, barcodes/QR codes etc.

  • Color Ribbon: Color ribbons are of Multi color primarily used for printing text and Multi color line on one or both sides of the card
  1. YMCKO: Heidi provides its clients with a full range of direct-to-card color printing options that enable you to print clear, crisp images in full color.
  2. YMCKOK: Full-color ribbons with an additional black panel designed to print black text or barcodes on the back of your plastic cards. Great for membership cards, loyalty cards, student IDs and insurance cards where disclaimers are generally printed. YMCKOK is ideally used with the CP55-D printer.
  3. HALF YMC FULL KO (HYMCKO): The reduced size of color panels (YMC) with full-size KO (black and overlay) enables the user to print in both color and black on a single card; 2/3 to 1/3 respectively. HYMCKO provides 350 yields per roll and is ideal for applications where the user has to print only a small photograph using color and the rest of the content in black. This ribbon type supports a total of 20mm color-printable area on the card, which is ideal for the financial markets.
  4. YMCKUVO BLUE: Another widely used option to enhance the protection and color of your card is the UV security printing feature. Add ultra-violet images or text on multiple areas of your artwork and print it using a blue UV panel to support easy verification and add another layer of security to your cards.