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ASTHA CH-800D Desktop Bundle Notes Counter Machine

Quick Overview

  • High-speed counting: Up to 100 notes per 2.5 seconds
  • Large capacity: Can count up to 200 notes at a time
  • Seven operation modes
  • External display
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

Model: CH-800D
Brand: Astha

ASTHA CH-800D Desktop Bundle Notes Counter Machine has Automatic Door High-Speed Multi-Currency Banknote Counter Money Counter Bundle Note Counting Machine. CH-800D is capable of counting up to 100 Pcs/2.5 Sec & checking counterfeit in the same counting process. The new model is equipped with a Taiwan motor; it is the ideal device for bank tellers. One machine can handle counting in a few seconds. We believe it not only fulfills all banks’ needs but also ensures a cash security system. ASTHA CH-800D low budget Bank Notes Machine special design for our Agent Banking Clients or Agent Banking Customer.

Main Features: 

  • Free Counting Mode: All notes in the holder are counted while running and displayed by LED.
  • Verify Mode: The number of bundled notes is verified.
  • Batching Mode: Notes will be counted according to the preset number which can be programmed with a keypad.
  • Accumulated Mode: Each successive counting result can be added together.
  • Movable: With wheels & lightweight for bank people convenient mobility.
  • Fast: 100 Pcs/2.5 Sec. It is the fastest counting machine in the world.
  • Accurate: Fast high-speed counting without stops.
  • Convenient: 7 operation modes: Check / Free / Preset / Manual / Acc; 100 notes preset to counting, 1 to 200 notes free to counting, adjustable strap stops 1 to 200 batch counting, and accumulate function for cumulative counting when desired, automatically stamping when count to 100, detecting the counterfeit banknotes during the counting process.
  • User friendly: Large LED display, ergonomic keypad. The external display is capable of showing customer counting results in front of the counter.
  • Efficient: High counting speed & remote LED display, for customers to observe and confirm counting synchronously, speed up teller line.
  • Easy maintenance: Easy opening cover, for better maintenance and cleaning;
  • Self-Diagnosis Test: Checking vacuum pressure, LED, spindle sets, counter sets, motors mechanical process of counting, and banknote feeding.
  • Great Quality: Whole equipment was designed and produced in Taiwan, with sensors from Japan and USA, all components are lead-free and meet CE/FCC/ISO 9001:2000 standards.
Model CH-800D
Country of Origin HongKong
Country of Assembly China
Feed System Vacuum Suction
Counting Speed 100 Notes per 4 Seconds
Holder Capacity Approx 200 Notes at a time
Notes Size Min: 50 X 100mm, Max 100 X 200mm
Counting Modes Batch, Add, Stamp, Free, Auto/Manual
Self Diagnosis System Standard
Dual Display Standard
Power Supply 220 Volt, 50/60 Hz,
Power Consumption 270 Watts ~ 400 Watts
Weight 35 Kgs