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ASTHA BNC-800F Bundle Notes Counting Machine

Quick Overview

  • Auto Alarming System
  • 100 % Accurate Counting
  • Optional “OK” Stamping
  • Separate Dual Display System
  • Alarm in Case of Incorrect Tally
  • Fully Customization Batch Models
  • Optional Automatic Shutter Device
  • Multi-function, Easy Operation Counter Machine.

Model: BNC-800F
Brand: Astha

ASTHA BNC-800F Bundle Counter Machine has Automatic Door High Speed Multi-Currency Banknote Counter Money Counter Bundle Note Counting Machine. BNC-800F is capable of counting up to 100 Pcs/2.5 Sec & checking counterfeit in the same counting process. The new model equipped with Taiwan motor, it is the ideal device for bank tellers. One machine can handle counting in few seconds. We believe it not only fulfill all banks’ needs but also ensure cash security system.

Counting Modes:

  • Free Counting Mode: All notes in holder are counted while running and displayed by LED.
  • Verify Mode: The number of bundled notes is verified.
  • Batching Mode: Notes will be counted according to the preset number which can be programmed with key pad.
  • Accumulated Mode: Each successive counting result can be added together.

Main Fetures:

  • Accurate: Fast high speed counting without stop.
  • Fast: 100 Pcs/2.5 Sec. It is the fastest counting machine in the world.
  • Movable: With wheels & light weight for bank people convenient mobility.
  • Easy maintenance: Easy opening cover, for better maintenance and cleaning;
  • User friendly: Large LED display, ergonomic keypad. External display is capable showing to customer counting result in front of counter.
  • Efficient: High counting speed & remote LED display, for customers to observe and confirm counting synchronously, speed up teller line.
  • Convenient: 7 operation modes: Check / Free / Preset / Manual / Acc; 100 notes preset to counting, 1 to 200 notes free to counting, adjustable strap stops 1 to 200 batch counting, and accumulate function for cumulative counting when desired, automatically stamping when count to 100, detecting the counterfeit banknotes during counting process.
  • Self-Diagnosis Test: Checking vacuum pressure, LED, spindle sets, counter sets, motors mechanical process of counting and banknote feeding.
  • Great Quality: Whole equipment designed and produced in Taiwan, sensors from Japan and USA, all components lead-free and meet to CE/FCC/ISO 9001:2000 standard.
Model BNC-800F
Counting System Vacuum Section
Counting Speed 100 Notes/2.5 Sec
Holder Capacity 200 Notes
Note Size Length:100 ~ 240mm & Width: W:55 ~ 100mm
Counter Display 5 + 3 Digits
Batch Display 3 Digits
Main Function Verify/Free/Batch/Add
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Dimensions (Lx W xH) 350mm(L) x 300mm(w) x 820mm(H)
Weight Approx. 51kg