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ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery

Quick Overview

  • Capacity: 8.2 AH
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 V
  • Maximum Charging Current: 2.1A
  • Operating Temperature: 25℃±3℃(77F±5F)
  • Standby Use: 13.50V-13.80V
  • Weight: 2.0 Kg

Model: AS12V-8.2AH
Brand: Astha

The ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery, your unwavering power guardian that shields your devices from the perils of erratic power supplies. This 12-volt, 8.2-ampere-hour sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery stands as a stalwart sentinel, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even when the mains falter.
Unleash the Power of Enduring Performance:
Engineered with meticulous precision, the ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery boasts an exceptional lifespan of up to five years, a testament to its enduring performance. Its unwavering dependability stems from its high-quality construction, adherence to stringent safety standards, and steadfast commitment to providing you with reliable power backup.
Embrace Maintenance-Free Convenience:
Bid farewell to the hassles of battery maintenance with the ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery. Its sealed design eliminates the need for electrolyte watering or refilling, saving you precious time and effort. This innovative feature also prevents electrolyte evaporation, ensuring optimal battery performance over its extended lifespan.
A Fortress Against Environmental Adversities:
Constructed to withstand the rigors of diverse environments, the ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery is impervious to leaks and shocks. From braving harsh outdoor conditions to powering sensitive electronics, this battery will continue to perform flawlessly, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your critical devices.
Powering a Multitude of Applications:
The ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery stands ready to serve a diverse range of applications, catering to your varied power needs. Whether safeguarding your computer network through a UPS system or illuminating your surroundings during emergencies, this battery is your unwavering power companion. Its versatility extends to powering alarm systems, RVs, boats, and solar panels, making it an indispensable addition to your power arsenal.
Experience the ASTHA Difference:
With the ASTHA AS12V-8.2AH Rechargeable UPS Battery, you gain unwavering power, maintenance-free operation, and exceptional durability – all backed by a steadfast warranty. Experience the ASTHA difference and harness the power of unwavering performance.