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Buy high-capacity Voltage Stabilizers or UPS that are guaranteed to keep your appliances up and running in perfect condition from BME Bangladesh. These Voltage Stabilizers or UPS are offered from the best and most energy-efficient brands and provides users with an elevated experience. These Voltage Stabilizers or UPS are designed to ensure safety and stability and are available in a number of variants. 

Voltage stabilizer, also called  Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) : A Voltage Stabilizer - It is also called as automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an electrical device which is used to deliver a constant voltage output to a load at its output terminals irrespective of any change, fluctuation in the input i.e. incoming supply. It is designed for voltage instability and is mainly used for the maintenance of back-end equipment, which is more perfect for equipment maintenance. Generally, if you bring a computer or a TV at home, you can choose a high-precision fully automatic voltage regulator, which is the SVC communication stabilized power supply on the market, and the price is real; if it is for industrial use, it is of course a high-power communication stabilized Power supply, simple, practical and convenient.

Voltage Stabilizers come in different capacities for different applications like Air Conditioner, LCD TV, Music System, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, Treadmill and Mainline Stabilizers for general purposes. Voltage Stabilizers provides a lot of variation in the voltage stabilizers range so that you find a perfect fit for your appliance. It can protect devices and larger home appliances like television, air conditioner and music systems from voltage spikes and surges. Voltage Stabilizers has a range of versatile stabilizers to suit all kinds of needs of major home appliances. You can browse across the category to find a suitable one for your precious appliances.

The basic purpose of a Voltage Stabilizer is to protect costly and precious electrical electronic equipments like air conditioners, offset printing machines, laboratory equipments, industrial machines, and medical apparatus from the probable damage due to Voltage Surges, fluctuations, Over/Under Voltage conditions.

The inigitial Voltage Stabilizers came in the market were manually operated/ selector switch operated . These type of stabilizers used electro-mechanical relays for selection of desired voltage. With advancement of technology, added electronic circuits came into existence and the Voltage Stabilizers became automatic. Then came the Servo based Voltage Stabilizer which is capable of stabilizing the voltage continuously, without any manual intervention. Now, IC/ Micro controller based Voltage Stabilizers are also available which can perform additional functions too. The Voltage Stabilizers can be broadly categorized into three types. They are:

• Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers: In Relay type Voltage Stabilizers, the voltage is regulated by switching relays. The relays are used to connect the secondary transformer(s) in different configurations to achieve Buck & Boost function.

• Servo based Voltage Stabilizers: In Servo based Voltage Stabilizers, the voltage regulation is done with the help of servo motor. They are also known as Servo Stabilizers. They are close loop systems. 

Advantages of Servo Based Voltage Stabilizer:

  •  They have fast response to voltage fluctuations
  •  They have high Voltage Stabilization accuracy.
  • They are very reliable.
  • They can withstand high voltage surges.

Disadvantages of Servo Based Voltage Stabilizer:

  •  They need periodic maintenance.
  • To nullify error, servo motor needs to be aligned. Alignment of Servo motor needs skilled hands.

• Static Voltage Stabilizers: A Static Voltage Rectifier has no moving parts as in case of Servo based Voltage Stabilizers. It uses a Power Electronic Converter Circuit to stabilize the voltage. These Static Voltage Stabilizers have very high accuracy and the voltage stabilization is within ±1%. A Static Voltage Stabilizer contains ‘Buck & Boost’ transformer, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) power converter, Microcontroller, Microprocessor and other essential components.

Advantages of Static Voltage Stabilizer:

  • They are very compact in size.
  • They have extremely fast response to the voltage fluctuation.
  • They have very high accuracy of voltage stabilization.
  • As there is no moving part, it is almost maintenance free.
  • They are very reliable.
  • Their efficiency is very high.

Disadvantages of Static Voltage Stabilizer:

  •  They are costly as compared to their counterparts.

Line Interactive UPS: With superior electrical characteristics, it can completely eliminate any voltage fluctuation, waveform distortion, frequency fluctuation and disturbance from the mains. Compared with other types of UPS, this type of UPS can achieve stable frequency and stabilized power supply to the load. It has obvious advantages in power supply quality, so it is widely used, but the rectifier will cause the quality of the input power to deteriorate during operation, so it is necessary to adopt harmonics Governance plan. Together the prices are relatively high.

Online UPS: When operating, the online UPS first converts the mains power into DC power to charge the UPS battery. At the same time, the inverter inverts this DC power into communication power to supply power to the load, because the mains is communicated to DC and then Communication conversion process, so the original disturbance and pulse voltage components in the mains have been filtered very cleanly. Therefore, the voltage inverted by the online UPS is very stable. The advantages of high-frequency UPS are small size, light weight and high operating efficiency. The disadvantage is that it has poor overload and impact resistance.

The Voltage Stabilizer or UPS power supply have been well introduced and explained above. I hope that the above can help you understand MORE about them, so that you can easily distinguish them in your future life. And make better use of them.