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Paper Binding Machines

Binding machines help businesses and individuals streamline publishing processes, saving users valuable time and resources. These compact and convenient devices make it easy to stack, punch, and bind documents so users can quickly reference important information. Staples® carries several styles of office supplies and binding equipment from trusted brands including Fellowes®, Swingline™, and Formax® to suit the needs of everyday users and business professionals.
Manual Binding Machines: Small and medium-sized businesses benefit from economically-priced manual binding machines. Comb and wire binding options create documents that lay flat while offering 360-degrees of secure page-turning action. Many feature adjustable hole-punch slots to suit a range of page formats and comb sizes, and some can bind up to 500 pages at a time with the gentle pull of a lever. Several models feature comfort-grip handles for smoother page-punching action so users of all ages can use them in the classroom, at work, or at home.
Electric Binding Machines: Large corporations and community organizations can quickly process high volumes of product manuals, event catalogs, and annual reports with electric machines. Compared to manual options, these workhorses can automatically punch up to 30 sheets of paper at a time with the press of a button, saving users from repetitive stress injuries and hours of tedious labor. Several models feature electronic paper guide technology to ensure proper page alignment while eliminating costly punching mistakes. Many are designed for convenient desktop use or as part of an assembly line to help make mass publishing and document distribution fast and efficient.
Thermal Binding Machines: Thermal binders produce professional-quality documents in seconds, making them ideal for project proposals, employee manuals, and software documentation. Rather than punching through pages, these machines utilize pre-glued spines to seal packets of information together for a clean, book-like finish. For added stability, many feature internal clamps to keep documents in place during the binding process. Most thermal binders offer the option to add and remove pages as needed, allowing for fast and efficient revisions. Several models also offer an auto-shut off feature to prevent overheating, while heat shields help protect users from coming into contact with heating plates.
Fully Automated Comb Binding Machines: There are no fully automatic comb binding machines, as each style requires human intervention of some sort. While many machines do automatically punch pages to speed up the binding process, users still need to physically add and remove bound materials.
Wire Binding Materials in Plastic Comb Binding Machines: Some combination machines are compatible with both c-shaped wire and plastic combs, making them suitable for a variety of binding projects. Most models, however, are not compatible with coiled-shaped wiring, as it requires a spiral binding machine that produces an entirely different hole-punch pattern.
Plastic Covers Safe to Use With Thermal Binding Machines: Users should choose cover pages designed specifically for thermal binding machines, as some types of plastic, linen, and textured sheets may melt or warp during the binding process.
Binding machines can be used to prepare professionally bound documents, sales materials and other documentation to exceptionally high standards. Wire binding machines are beneficial in making your printed material look professional and have a more significant impact. Binding machines used in an office can fulfill many different business functions. This may include preparation of a presentation, thermal binding a quote for a potential customer, binding different kinds of sales collateral for external or internal customers, or for merely arranging your documents with oval holes for secure long-term storage.

Spiral Binding Machines: Spiral binding or coil binding is a type of binding; With the use of spiral binding machines, you can provide positive energy and attractive color to all kinds of your business documents. Coil inserters offer you binding that allows your bonded pages to rotate to a 360 degree. This allows the document to be folded back on itself. You can also open it flat. Spiral binding machines provide with binding with spiral plastics which never lose their shape and are incredibly durable. The use of spiral binding machines is perfect in a situation where you are required to prepare documents that will undergo heavy handling or intended for mailing. A spiral binding machine is suitable for binding any document with the maximum thickness of up to 28mm.
At GREENAN, we assist our clients to choose binding machine suitable for their requirement. The options may include binding machines with high-capacity of punching options, closing/finishing options, and availability of foot pedal for quick operation.