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Western Digital - WD is a leading global data storage brand that empowers you to create, experience and preserve your digital content across a range of devices. WD enables you to be in control and smartly save what matters to you most in one secure place. From industrial SD and microSD cards, to data center offerings like open standards, architectures and devices, our portfolio of enterprise and commercial products help businesses unlock the value of data so you can do amazing things.

Western Digital provides data storage solutions, including systems, HDD, Flash SSD, memory drives, personal cloud solutions, and accessories to choose from, you’ll find everything you need to expand your productivity. Visit our store.

  • Internal HDD: Affordably upgrade your PC or laptop with higher capacity hard disk drives.
  • Internal SSD: Discover solid state drives that can access data lightning fast and reduce boot-up time.
  • Data Center Drives: Large capacity HDDs and high performance SSDs to support your data center needs.
  • Embedded Flash: Explore these embedded flash solutions that connect you to your car, home, and more.
  • USB Flash Drives: Super compact, stylish, and ready to share, these USB flash drives go wherever you go.
  • Memory Cards: Fast memory cards for your cell phones and other devices to capture every image in a flash.
  • External Desktop Drives: Create your own archive and backup safely at home with our line of desktop drives.
  • Portable Drives: Lightweight, water-resistant, rugged are just some of the features of our portable drives.
  • Personal Cloud / NAS Drives: Save virtually everything and access from anywhere with cloud and network-attached storage
  • Accessories: Adapters, covers, readers, and tool kit must-haves to complement your equipment.