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Welcome to TOA Store in Bangladesh

Greetings from TOA Store Bangladesh. The authorized page of TOA in Bangladesh. They are also always prioritizing their product quality and keeping the price in the grasp. They are already doing well in introducing new IP PA System, Conference System, and Masjid Sound System in Bangladesh.

TOA Corporation is a big producer of PA Systems, Professional Sound Systems and Commercial Communications Systems. With their motto “Smiles for the Public”, TOA designs and manufactures sound and security systems for all walks of life. Where for daily use, corporate purposes, public services or disaster prevention, TOA Sound department has designed multitudes of products that help people out tremendously. TOA has provided innovative products and solutions as a specialist manufacturer of the field of sound and video. You will find our systems in thousands of different places, such as schools, concert halls, shopping malls, skyscrapers, airports and sport stadiums. They are not only there to serve the security and surveillance but also for perfect transmission of concerts and music. Here are its product ranges through which TOA has been contributing to create a society where people can feel happier.

Hopefully, they will keep on introducing new technologies and updates in the future. TOA has a long reputation of providing people with proper sound systems for all their uses. Their high-quality products are backed up their installation and regular maintenance schedules which ensures these products keep up their full functionality through their lifespan. Along with the production of regular use systems, TOA keeps an eye out for the future, constantly developing new and advanced products for the next generation. Use of new materials rather than the conventional to reduce wastage and improve efficiency and performance is regularly being tested. TOA’s production system is highly efficient, outputting high-quality products. Their production line consists of different workstations, comprised of several workers each, which completes the entire assembly process of their designated Amplifiers, Voice Evacuation System, PA Speakers, Pro-Audio Speakers, Wired Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Conference System, Network PA, Intercom System, Megaphones, Audio Source Devices / Program Timers, Rack-Mount Equipment, Mixers / Audio Processors products.

TOA is known worldwide for its Conference & PA System Sound solutions. They have a long-range of solutions and machines for PA system in companies or even small businesses.  Currently, they have several types of Sound Systems – among them, the most popular categories are Traditional PA System, IP PA System, and Conference Systems. For small businesses or companies, PA system solutions are the best options to go to. Conference systems & are often suitable for larger companies due to the cost, but it is one of the most effective solutions for not only Conference Room but also for Large Meeting Room.

TOA Amplifiers: Common Toa Amplifier Model is A-2030, A-2060, A-2120, A-1724, A-2240, A-1360SS, A-1360MK2, etc. Toa amplifiers provides maximum flexibility with up to eight inputs and up to 30/60/120/240/360 Watts of power. Browser based control and monitoring from anywhere reduces your time troubleshooting and adjusting systems. Onboard DSP, a sleek new appearance, MOH output. TOA’s legendary quality and reliability makes this a perfect fit for background and foreground music, paging, and noise masking applications.

TOA Column Speakers: Column Speaker employs multiple cone speakers arranged vertically on a single baffle board to provide wider horizontal directivity. Common Toa Speakers model is TZ-105, TZ-205, TZ-206B, TZ-406B, etc